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Eliminate Gum Disease with Minimally-Invasive LANAP® Laser Therapy

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LANAP® Gum Disease Treatment North FL

A Virtually Pain-Free Alternative to Traditional Gum Surgery

Have you been diagnosed with periodontitis, or gum disease? Gum disease is a progressive infection and early intervention can help protect your teeth and gums from long-term consequences, including bleeding gums, loose teeth, and even tooth loss. Traditional osseous surgery may have you cringing, however, due to its invasive nature requiring scalpels, incisions and, sutures. While this option has its benefits, advancements in dental treatment have provided doctors with a minimally invasive and virtually pain free alternative. We offer LANAP® laser gum therapy in our office to effectively treat your periodontitis and successfully restore the health of your gums.

LANAP® Gum Disease Treatment North FL

What Is Gum Disease

Gum disease is a three-stage chronic condition characterized by inflammation, bleeding, and swelling of the gum tissue. Treatment is critical to your oral health as the progression of this disease can lead to tooth loss.

LANAP® Gum Disease Treatment North FL

What Is the LANAP Protocol?

LANAP® Gum Disease Treatment North FL
Example of How LANAP® Works

The LANAP protocol is a minimally invasive, patented laser dentistry procedure that successfully eliminates harmful gum disease-causing bacteria. Laser technology is used to gently clear away infection and disease from your teeth and gums without harming surrounding healthy tissue. After the area is free of infection, the laser is used to seal the pocket and encourage rapid healing.
The Benefits of Lanap:
• Minimally invasive procedure
• Elimination of scalpels and sutures
• Faster recovery time
• Improved patient comfort
• Minimal bleeding
• Promotes bone regeneration

LANAP® Gum Disease Treatment North FL

Gentle, Predictable Care from a Certified Periodontist

To become certified in the LANAP protocol, doctors are required to take a year-long comprehensive continuum to gain necessary hands-on training and experience on increasingly complicated cases. Dr. Strout is a board-certified periodontist, and has passed all required training and certifications to provide you with the highest level of care in the latest and most minimally-invasive technology and techniques. His superior level of expertise in LANAP ensures your treatment will have predictable and beneficial outcomes, no matter the severity of your gum disease.

Dr. Strout can treat your gum disease with the most minimally invasive and comfortable treatment option available today. Call our office to schedule your consultation.

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