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Renew Confidence in Your Smile with Stress-Free Laser Dentistry

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Laser Dentistry North FL

Improved Oral Care with Laser Dentistry

Oftentimes, patients delay dental treatment out of fear of pain or long recovery times. Dentistry may be associated with pain and fear since most traditional procedures are performed with drills or scalpels. We care about your concerns and are passionate about helping you feel comfortable every time you visit us. Our expert team uses the advanced technology of laser dentistry in our-state-of-the-art facility to bring you the safest, most minimally invasive, and virtually pain free treatment options available today.

Laser Dentistry North FL

Highly Accurate Soft Tissue Treatment

We commonly use lasers to assist in removing bacteria that cause gum disease. Laser gum therapy precisely targets diseased and infected gum tissue around the tooth roots. While traditional gum surgery may require the removal of healthy gum tissue in order to clean out infection, laser treatment does not harm healthy gum tissue during the process. For other procedures that normally require scalpels and incisions, including frenectomies or gum recontouring, a laser can be used to gently alter or remove excessive tissue with minimal bleeding and virtually no pain or post-operative downtime.
Laser dentistry offers many benefits, in addition to being highly accurate:
• Minimally invasive procedures
• Requires no drills, scalpels, incisions, or sutures
• Faster, more accurate procedure overall
• Minimal bleeding during and after surgery
• Highly precise for better outcomes
• Little-to-no post-operative discomfort
• Can only be performed by a certified clinician

Laser Dentistry North FL

Multiple Options for Increased Comfort

Our office provides multiple laser treatment options for the most comprehensive care and increased comfort during procedures.
Services we offer using advanced laser technology include:

Gum Surgery

This minimally invasive alternative to traditional osseous surgery uses a laser to gently target and remove harmful bacteria buildup along the tooth root. In addition, this treatment helps with tissue regeneration and bone growth.


Tongue-tie or lip-tie occurs when excess connective tissue (frenulum) that attaches the tongue and lips to the mouth restricts their ranges of motion, causing breastfeeding difficulties, speech impediments, and impaired oral hygiene. A laser is used to detach this excess tissue. The procedure causes virtually no bleeding and is so gentle, it rarely requires anesthesia.

Gum Recontouring

This procedure gently recontours an uneven gum line that has too much or too little visible gums. A “gummy” smile can be corrected by removing excess gum tissue from around the crown. Laser recontouring can also correct receding gums by removing pockets around the teeth and sealing the gum tissue back on the tooth root.

Gum Biopsy

In the case that oral lesions, sores, or ulcers appear within the mouth and are a potential cause for concern, a laser biopsy is performed to remove the sample for testing.

Laser Dentistry North FL

Excellence in Oral Health Care

The use of advanced laser technology requires specialized training and certification, and adherence to set safety protocols. Not every dental professional is qualified to perform laser procedures. Our board-certified periodontist, Dr. Stephen Strout, is certified in advanced laser technology like LANAP® laser gum therapy and is passionate about bringing excellence in oral health care to every patient.

Laser Dentistry North FL

The Proof is In our patients

Laser Dentistry North FL
Kelley's Experience With Crown Lengthening

Experience virtually pain free treatment and a renewed confidence in your smile and oral health with laser dentistry. Our team is excited to bring you the highest quality care for a lifetime of smiles.

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