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Periodontal Treatments North FL

Periodontal Visits Ensure Healthy Teeth and Gums

A lifetime of healthy smiles begins with proper oral hygiene and routine dental cleanings. Occasionally, however, you may experience concerns, like gum disease or a receding gum line, that require more specialized diagnosis and treatment from an experienced periodontist. While ignoring oral health issues can lead to tooth loss and possible systemic problems, visiting your periodontist ensures that the health of your teeth and gums is on track.

Periodontal Treatments North FL

Comprehensive Treatment in One Location

Our office provides a wide range of periodontal services all under one roof, so you can receive the comprehensive care you need without visiting multiple doctors at differing locations. To provide you with the best answers and highest quality results, we staff the most qualified doctors and use cutting edge dental technology in our modern and comfortable facility.
Periodontal Services We Offer:

  • Periodontal maintenance

    Routine cleanings following gum disease treatment that are performed every few months to ensure periodontitis does not return, and to help you maintain proper oral health.
  • Scaling and root planing

    Deep cleaning during the early stage of gum disease to remove plaque and calculus from the tooth and smooth the tooth surface to discourage further bacterial buildup.
  • Gingivectomy

    Surgical removal of diseased gum tissue that has receded and created deep pockets around the teeth where plaque and calculus can collect and cause decay.
  • Frenectomy

    Removal of the small connective tissue, or frenulum, from the tongue, lips, or cheeks to improve speech and eating or halt gum recession and shifting teeth.
  • Laser gum therapy

    Nearly pain-free and minimally-invasive procedure to treat gum disease by removing infected gum tissue and bacterial buildup along the tooth root.
  • Gum grafting

    gum grefting
    Treatment for gum recession that takes gum tissue from the roof of the mouth or outside donor and sutures it over the exposed tooth roots.
  • Soft tissue recontouring

    soft tissue
    Removal of soft tissue covering the tooth crown to reshape an unsymmetrical, misshapen, or “gummy smile” for functional purposes and cosmetic benefits.
  • Chao Pinhole® Surgical Technique

    Minimally-invasive alternative to gum grafting that repositions receded gums back over the exposed tooth roots to halt gum recession and improve oral health.
  • Osseous surgery

    Pocket reduction surgery to treat gum disease that removes plaque and diseased tissue from around the tooth root and recontours the bone to encourage gum reattachment.
  • Peri-implantitis Treatment

    Minimally-invasive laser treatment to remove infection from the gums and bone surrounding a dental implant that may have failed due to disease.
  • Ridge augmentation

    Bone grafting procedure that brings the contour of the jaw bone back to its original structure if bone has been lost due to a missing or extracted tooth.
  • Sinus lift

    Procedure to raise the sinus membrane and fill the created gap with new bone material to provide adequate jaw bone structure for the placement of a dental implant.
Periodontal Treatments North FL

Restore Your Smile with Advanced Periodontal Techniques

Our office is equipped to provide you with the best possible care for your periodontal needs. We set ourselves apart by incorporating multiple services in our single office, so you can receive the most comprehensive treatment from an experienced team you will see every visit. Our board-certified, on-staff periodontist is highly trained and experienced in periodontal plastic surgery. Whether you need to fix a “gummy smile” or need dental implants, our periodontist’s expertise and advanced training enable him to restore both the form and function of your smile.

No matter your periodontal needs, our office offers a wide range of services for all our unique patients. Schedule an appointment with our office for a comprehensive exam.

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