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Teeth Xpress® Gives You a Same-Day, Fully Restored Smile with Lasting Benefits

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Teeth Xpress® North FL

Complete Same-Day Smile Restoration

A full arch of healthy, functioning teeth does more than provide you with a great smile—it allows you to enjoy the foods you love, boosts your self-confidence, and lowers your risk for developing oral and systemic diseases. If you have multiple missing teeth or tooth loss in an entire arch, you may be suffering from associated symptoms like poor chewing and biting quality, difficulty speaking, or embarrassment from a gapped or toothless smile. Our periodontist, Dr. Stephen Strout, offers the TeethXpress® protocol, a high-quality, same-day solution to give you a full arch of new teeth and fully restore your smile in a single visit.

Teeth Xpress® North FL
“With teeth xpress or the all on four procedure, in most cases we can get you a fixed screwed down temporary in the same day we put the implants in. So you leave the same day with teeth that you can eat on that night”
Stephen Strout DMD, MS
Teeth Xpress® North FL

Extraction, Placement, and Restoration in a Single Visit

Immediately replacing lost teeth with dental implants is the only way to preserve your jaw bone and sustain good oral health. Traditionally a long-term process, replacing missing teeth involved multiple dental visits and wearing temporaries while the permanent denture was fabricated. Utilizing the advanced technology of TeethXpress, Dr. Strout can extract remaining teeth, place four to six implants in your jaw bone, and immediately load your dental prosthesis so you can leave our office the same day with a full arch of brand new teeth! Even if you have been wearing dentures for years, this minimally invasive and highly successful procedure is the ideal solution to missing teeth.

Teeth Xpress® North FL

What Is the TeethXpress Process?

TeethXpress combines the advanced technology of BioHorizons dental implants with traditional dentures to provide you with a full arch of new teeth in as little as one visit.

Before the Procedure

Dr. Strout will perform a comprehensive examination of your mouth to assess the current state of your remaining teeth and the structure of your jaw bone. From there, he will determine the best treatment plan, explain the benefits and risks, and listen to your questions and concerns.

During the Procedure

Using advanced placement technology, Dr. Strout will place four to six dental implants, positioning them strategically in your jaw bone to ensure the highest quality results. Once the posts are in place, he will fix your dental prosthesis securely to the implants. Generally, this procedure can be completed in a single visit!

After the Procedure

Dr. Strout will monitor your recovery process closely to ensure your mouth is healing properly. Over the next few weeks, we recommend patients stick to a soft diet, do not brush or floss, and use medicated mouth wash. You may experience minor and temporary discomfort.

Teeth Xpress® North FL

Benefits of TeethXpress

  • Generally completed in a single visit
  • Minimally invasive, immediate solution
  • Sturdy, stable, and permanent
  • Elimination of slipping, clicking, or adhesives
  • Enjoy eating your favorite foods again
  • Maintenance of facial structure
  • Improved quality of life
Teeth Xpress® North FL

Unmatched, Experienced Care from a Certified Periodontist

Dr. Strout is a board-certified periodontist who has helped many patients fully restore the function and aesthetics of their smiles with the TeethXpress protocol. Placing full arch dental implants is a highly complex process, but it is a procedure Dr. Strout has years of experience in and performs on a regular basis. With a focus on your comfort and health, he brings this expertise to your procedure so you can leave with the highest quality outcome and a fully functioning smile the day of your appointment.

Teeth Xpress® North FL

The Proof is in Our Patients

Teeth Xpress® North FL
Marks Experience With Teeth Xpress®

Even with bone loss, you may still be a candidate for the TeethXpress protocol. Contact our office today for a complimentary second opinion.

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