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Cosmetic dentistry treatments such as porcelain veneers can address discoloration, chips, and other imperfections. We are passionate about helping you feel confident in your smile. We work with a local lab for the best possible results.

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Part of dentistry these days is cosmetic dentistry, getting your existing teeth, when the teeth are healthy, but you just want to change the way that they look. There's a couple options. There's full veneers, which is porcelain that we put on the outsides of the teeth. And then, there's Lumineers. Lumineers are a very thin veneer that we place on the outside of the teeth, but we don't have to actually touch your teeth. We just have them made. They get bonded to the fronts of your teeth just to change the way they look, just little small differences to the shapes of your teeth. Where veneers, that's where the larger difference is. If you have a tooth that's slightly rotated or one that's a little bit darker color, we may have to remove a little bit of tooth structure to get a veneer on. And with the veneers and Lumineers, really there's no difference in cost. It's just a difference in technique and experience. Our doctors with the Centers for Dental Excellence have experience in both veneers and Lumineers. With veneers, sometimes just changing the way a tooth looks, the color or the shape, isn't enough. Having a board-certified periodontist on staff, I may need to come in and actually reshape the tissues. So we can do some cosmetic surgery ahead of time to really make those veneers pop. If you're going to get a full-mouth reconstruction and most of your teeth need to be rebuilt, we can make sure that the foundation is strong before we start rebuilding the teeth, because when we're doing a full-mouth reconstruction, it's important to have a strong base. With veneers and Lumineers, sometimes it's difficult for the lab to get the shade exactly right. We have the benefit, with the Centers for Dental Excellence, we work with a local lab. They can come onsite and do some custom shading in the office so that we can make a match perfectly to your existing teeth. Cosmetic dentistry gives you the tools and the ability to really appreciate your smile, to take what you have, enhance it, and give you that self-confidence that you need.

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