Dental Implants Can Restore Function & Aesthetics to Your Smile


Dental implants are the gold standard for tooth replacement. Replacing teeth with implant-supported restorations can protect your oral health and provide natural-looking results. Our team of specialists works together to place and restore dental implants.

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When you're missing a tooth, it's important to replace that tooth. Some things that happen when you have a tooth missing, your teeth tend to shift into that space. Upper teeth will migrate down when a tooth below it is missing, and teeth behind will move forward. That interferes with your bite, and then you can't properly chew food. And if you do, in the future, want to replace a tooth, sometimes it involves orthodontics to move those teeth back into place. When we lose a tooth, our body realizes that that bone in that area is not really needed any longer. Over time, it'll start to resorb that bone away or dissolve it away. We'll lose bone around our teeth or in our jaw. That can severely affect the teeth around it. As we know, teeth are important for our smile and for the way that we look and the way that we feel. They are also very important for chewing. The ideal goal for a dental implant is after a year or two for you not to even realize that that's an implant you have there. When you have a tooth that's broken and it can't be fixed, there's too much of the tooth that's gone or the tooth is cracked, a lot of times we can get an implant in the same day that we take the tooth out. I truly believe that dental implants are the most revolutionary change we've had in dentistry. We're able to replace a single tooth, multiple teeth, support a loose or ill-fitting dentures so you can chew and eat the foods that you like again. It helps to stabilize the shape of your face. When you have teeth that are missing for long periods of time, your face is going to kind of collapse in. The bone gets dissolved away over time and we lose that shape. They'll give you a natural-looking replacement to your teeth.

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