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We understand that dental emergencies can be painful and stressful. We always strive to provide same-day treatment. Dr. Stephen Strout and our team of specialists can provide a broad spectrum of care to restore your oral health as quickly as possible.

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Emergencies happen in dentistry. People get toothaches, abscesses. And if you've ever had an emergency or had a toothache, you know just how uncomfortable they are and just how much you just want to be seen and be treated. One of the things that we really strive for here, with the Centers for Dental Excellence, is to get emergencies in the same day. It's important. People are in pain. It's interfering with their life. We need to get you in and at least make you comfortable. One of the advantages of Centers for Dental Excellence is that we have specialists on board as well. So if the treatment is going to be more comprehensive, maybe we can't save that tooth and we have to take it out, we have the periodontist, myself Dr. Strout here. We can talk to you about replacing it with a dental implant or one of our restorative dentists, a bridge or something to get you a tooth in there very quickly. By coming in and by having a specialist, you know that we're going to be doing a treatment right. We get it right the first time. We get it so that it lasts. Our emergency patients, they get treated just like regular patients. We get you in, we'll do a comprehensive exam as well, but we'll focus on the emergency, focus on the tooth that's keeping you up at night. Get you comfortable, get you back on your feet, and then we'll bring you back in to talk about what we can do to fix it and prevent future emergencies from happening. Emergencies can be seen any day. Our staff know that when someone calls and they're having an emergency or have a toothache or in pain, we do our best to try to fit you in. But we will see you that day even if it means working through lunch a little bit or staying after hours.

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