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A denture can replace an entire dental arch. Depending on your needs, we can provide traditional, fixed, semi-fixed, or snap-on dentures. We highly recommend one of our implant-supported restorations because they provide the greatest stability and protect against jawbone atrophy.

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If you're missing all of your teeth and you're wearing dentures, we have options for you. With full arch dental implants, you can get a fixed denture that's going to stay in and be just like natural teeth, or we have the alternative that I like to call a semi-fixed where we can place the implants and you can have your denture where it snaps in place, stays in place until you remove it. With dentures, over time, the dentures will wear on the bone underneath the dentures. The body will dissolve away that bone to get away from that stress. With dental implants, the implants actually preserve the bone, keep the structure of your jaw and the framework of your jaw long term. With a full upper denture, the whole roof of your mouth's covered over. We lose a lot of those fine tastes. With dental implants, it gives us the ability to open up that palate, get all those tastes back and really thoroughly enjoy those foods. Full arch dental implants are a passion of mine because they really and truly change people's lives. You go from having a denture that flops around, moves around, gives you denture sores. Having to get that gross cream off your mouth at night when you take your denture out. It eliminates all of that. It gives you the ability to have teeth that are secure and strong and held into your mouth. Puts all the foods back on the table, those fine tastes, and gives you that confidence to go out in public and enjoy all your social events.

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