All-on-4® Can Completely Restore Your Smile


We provide All-on-4® (also known as TeethXpress), an advanced dental implant technique that uses four strategically placed implants to secure your denture. Patients can even receive a temporary fixed denture the same day. This will allow you to enjoy normal aesthetics and function while healing.

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With TeethXpress or the All-on-4 procedure, we place four to five implants for an arch to replace all of your teeth in an arch, the upper arch or the lower arch. In most patients, we're able to make a temporary that same day, and you leave the office that day with a temporary that's screwed into the mouth that you can eat with that night. The majority of the population are candidates for TeethXpress. There are a few things that could limit you. One is if you were wearing a denture for many, many years and there's just not an adequate enough bone on the upper arch, you may not be a candidate. We see that very rarely though. The majority of the population are a candidate for TeethXpress. For lower teeth, I would say almost all of our patients are able to get a fixed temporary the same day that we put the implants in. On the upper arch, it really depends on the number of teeth that you have. The more teeth that you have, the day that we're doing the implants, the less likely it is we can give you a temporary that day. We want the procedure to be predictable and for you to only have to go through it one time. So there may be a short time where you have to wear a conventional denture while the implants heal, but in the majority of the cases, we can do a fixed temporary the day of the procedure. TeethXpress goes by many names. As the All-on-4 procedure, TeethXpress, fixed hybrids, it's all the same. It's basically using dental implants to replace all of your teeth in one arch. The number of implants is not critical. It could be four, it could be five, it could be six. We plan out the procedure based on the patient. Different patients need different implants. We want it to be as predictable and as comfortable for you long term. With TeethXpress or the All-on-4 procedure, in most cases, we can get you a fixed, screwed down temporary the same day that we put the implants in. We take the teeth out, we smooth everything down, we place your implants and make you the temporary in office that same day, so you leave that day with teeth that you can eat on that night.

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