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At the Center for Dental Excellence, we can attend to all of your oral health needs. Dr. Stephen Strout is a board-certified periodontist who leads our team to provide you with personalized treatment. We also establish relationships with each patient for the best possible experience.

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Dr. Strout: When choosing a dentist, you have lots of options, lots of good dentists around, lots of great offices to choose from. The advantage of choosing The Center for Dental Excellence is I'm a board certified periodontist, so if you have any gum issues, dental implant surgeries that need to be done, we get that done here in-house. We have Dr. Marquez that's here. She's our restorative specialist with orthodontic experience. So if you need anything done, from restorative dentistry through any kind of surgical specialty services, we can do it all under one roof. Patient 1: I had missing teeth, broken teeth. It was hard to eat. I never wanted to smile. They did a panorama X-ray around my head. We sat down, we looked at the X-ray and they showed me my options and we decided to go with All-on-4. He gave me back my life. He gave me back my smile. Dr. Strout: Dentistry affords me the opportunity to help people, to make them feel better about themselves, to make them healthier as well. One of the things we pride ourselves on at the Center for Dental Excellence is our team. Our team is critical to us being able to work in an efficient and comfortable manner. We want to provide the care that is the most important to our patients. Patient 2: Over many years I always ground my teeth. You know, ground down to little nubs I said, you know, "I've got to do something about this." I came in, they did all the X-rays and the testing and explained to me what they thought I should do. When they had my teeth prepared to put all the crowns in, I thought it was going to take a lot more time. They didn't just send me out there. They actually cared about what happened after. It's not just the nine to five thing. You don't get that feeling when you walk in here. Dr. Strout: One of our newest technologies that we brought on just recently is a device CariVu. It uses a small laser to kind of illuminate the tooth. If there's any cavities or cracks or small little fillings that need to be done on teeth, this allows to look down on the tooth from the top and catch a lot more disease in the early stage. In addition, we use a 3D scanner for our dental implants. It allows me to discover any flaws or discrepancies that may be in the bone before we get into surgery. Patient 3: They showed me X-rays so I can understand the problem, showed me what he was going to do with pictures of how he was going to fix it and he explained to me how it's going to feel. I don't dread coming here, like I used to dread going to the dentist. I am a happy patient. Dr. Strout: We really get to know our patients, get to know what you are really looking for. But we first want to address those critical issues and really kind of hone in on what brought you in to see us. Our goal here at the Center for Dental Excellence is from the time you walk in the door until the time that you leave, all your questions can be answered. We will make it as pleasurable and as comfortable experience as possible. We try to use the latest and newest technology to improve our diagnosis, improve the quality of your care. We feel it's our responsibility to give back. You're giving us the opportunity to improve your life or change your life possible, which really makes us feel good that you're giving to us. And for us to give back to you and make your experiences comfortable and pleasurable as possible is just our way of giving back to our patients.

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